For Curls, Locs, Kinks & Knots.  Pamper your crown! This therapeutic, healing oil blend moisturizes and protects dry, flaky skin while fortifying hair follicles and sealing in moisture. Cleansing lemon and soothing olive, among a host of other all-natural ingredients, combine to provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory benefits. Great for dandruff relief, or to help heal a tight, stressed, irritated scalp.  No perfume added, just pure essential oils.  2 fl oz.


HOW TO USE (DAILY OIL): For everyday shine, just apply a few drops of oil to your crown and massage it through.  Allow it to permeate to keep your scalp and roots looking and feeling great.


HOW TO USE (SCALP TREATMENT): Section hair.  Warm oil in a microwave safe container, apply warm oil on dry scalp/hair and massage with circular movements, apply shower cap before wrapping hair in warm towel for desired extended amount of time; wash and condition as usual. If you have seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema then DO NOT use scalp oil until your condition is healed.


Sulfate free

Paraben free

Mineral oil free

Lanolin free

Petroleum free

Phthalate free

NO animal testing


CURLE LOCS: THE CROWN JEWELS Crown Oil & Scalp Treatment