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Homemade Natural Soap


ALOE: Nature’s miracle. It heals cuts, it moisturizes, is anti-inflammatory, and has antioxidant properties to boot.


SHEA BUTTER: From a nut harvested across Africa. It’s super moisturizing and protective, and encourages the skin to regenerate collagen. It’s really nourishing, too!


JOJOBA: Jojoba is amazing for two big reasons — one, it’s the closest thing on Earth to human’s own sebum (what our skin secretes for its own protection), and two, it never turns rancid! Scientists can’t even explain that, since every other vegetable oil will eventually go bad, but not jojoba. This means no preservative is needed. 

OLIVE OIL: So many clients I know love this oil so much, that’s all they put on their faces. But — like eating a well-rounded diet — just one food won’t give you all the nutrition you need. Still, it’s a great, healthy oil, for all the same reasons it’s so good to eat. The wood, too, is gorgeous. Fun fact: we sell a number of accessories made of olive wood that use trees that no longer bear fruit.


LAVENDER:  Healing, calming, smells great, and combines well with almost every other essential oil, so it’s in a lot of our blends. Plus, two bonuses: it’s one of the few essential oils that are okay to put directly on the skin (with no carrier), and is also safe for the face, which many essential oils are not.

NEROLI: The flower of the orange tree (the orange blossom, which for some reason has its own name — perhaps because it’s so special)! Not only is the smell intoxicating, it’s naturally anti-inflammatory and antiseptic (so it’s a great add-in for acne control). It also reduces redness (so it’s great for rosacea, too).


HONEY/BEESWAX: Honey is not just nourishing and soothing, but also naturally anti-bacterial — meaning it acts as a preservative. With honey in a product, fewer preservatives need to be added. Beeswax (and its cousin, propolis) is great for skin and nails, too. Both soften the skin and add a great all-natural scent to formulas without additional fragrance.


BAMBOO: This plant needs no incentive to grow — it’s highly sustainable. Not only does bamboo grow with no fertilizer necessary, but it’s also naturally insect-resistant, and needs no pesticides! We use crushed bamboo in a number of exfoliators, but we also use it burned! Charcoal is naturally antiseptic (think of those pills that purify water on camping trips), so bamboo charcoal is doubly amazing. 

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