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The Esthetic Entrepreneur Network is consists of a group of Estheticians, Educators and Beauty Industry Professionals that come together to share knowledge, skills and even refer clients via networking events and courses. 

We believe that there is no need to compete with one another and the more skill sets you acquire the better the clients skin as well as your reputation.   Sign-up on our mailing list to be the 1st to hear about our courses and networking events.

Introductory 6-Part Mini Series: $40.00 

November 7th, 2021 & Dec 5th,2021

Come network with other modivated beauty professionals!

This course features 6 specialties in just one day as intro into the full day courses.  We figure why take a full days (certified) course if your not sure you will adapt that skill set into your services, this is a great way to gain great knowledge and expand your clientele. All attendees get a discount for the full course trainings.  Lunch included.  License or Student Registration/ID required for course participation. 

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